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The Essentials Club is a hub for creative doers with how-to tutorials, handcrafted projects, and explorations which came to life on the journey to live a simple yet full life with only the essentials - rich in meaningful creations and experiences.

As an adventure seeking, multidisciplinary creative, when I'm not running my design studio (The Binding) you'll find me getting lost in making something or exploring the local (and beyond). I established this blog to encourage myself to get back into my personal creative pursuits and share the stylish DIYs, travel guides and relevant tips and tricks to inspire others to make the time to get creative and resourceful. Being stuck behind a computer daily for work I wanted an excuse to step away from the digital world and get lost in something tangible. By having a platform to share my creations it holds me accountable to continue getting creative with no constraints.

There's something so rewarding about having things around your home or in your closet you've made by your self for your self. I want others to experience that feeling for themselves or at the very least open people's minds to being more conscious about where they source items from.

Be like a traveller in your own home, make what you can and ethically source the rest of the essentials in life.

Madeline x

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