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The Hello Cup was a launched by Registered Nurse Mary Bond and her longtime friend Robyn McLean after they became frustrated by the lack of quality menstrual cups on the market.

With more than 45 billion tampons and single-use sanitary pads ending up in landfills globally each year, reusable menstrual cups have a huge future. However, finding a high quality cup isn’t always easy. That’s where Hello Cups stand out from the crowd: put simply, they are ‘bloody brilliant’.

Designed by Mary and Robyn from scratch, Hello Cups are made in New Zealand from the highest quality medical-grade TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) available. Hypoallergenic and recyclable, they contain no nasties and are free of silicone, rubber, latex, BPAs and heavy metals.

Hello Cups have rapidly gained an international reputation and loyal customer following. The unique smooth design, attention to detail and internal rim have led to Hello Cups being described as the “most comfortable” menstrual cup on the market.

Each Hello Cup will last at least five years. The colours used are certified food grade and comply with EU and FDA standards. Hello Cups are FDA registered.

As a company, The Hello Cup is passionate about being a business that makes a positive impact on our planet. A single Hello Cup is the equivalent of more than 2000 single use tampons or pads. They company proudly supports numerous initiatives to help provide menstrual products to those who have limited access to them.

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