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My name is Emma, I am a Mother of 3 beautiful children based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. Ever since I was a child I have felt a strong connection to Spirit, to the Earth and to the inner limitless power and potential within us all.

My purpose, my souls mission is to guide you to create your own connection to God, to Self and to boundless Love. I am a Facilitator for Gaia, a Warrior for Love, a Witness of the Divine and is here to empower, connect and guide others to see there own sacredness, their own divinity and their limitless potential for LOVE.

An explorer and adventurer, a tarot reader, healer and intuitive, a shamanic goddess, ceremonial cacao facilitator, a mystic and dream weaver, a light worker and a witch, a nurturer and fire starter and I am here for you. I use new and old ways to connect, transmute and bring love in.

I honour and empower all peoples from all walks of life through the creation of community and education of our old ways and the universal laws and how we bring those into our present lives and make them real. I will hold space for you, listen and encourage you, get real with you in love and show you your true potential.

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